Paleo Ridge

Paleo Ridge Raw Dog Food

Paleo Ridge Raw is an Award-winning family-run working dog food business based rural Hampshire. Their aim is to consistently provide outstanding quality products and excellent service to their customers and their dogs.
With a dedicated and passionate team of very experienced industry professionals, they only use ingredients of the highest quality with a firm commitment to

  • ethically sourced produce
  • high animal welfare standards
  • sustainable farming
  • organic, free range or wild where possible

Animal welfare is the highest priority for them when sourcing products. Intensive factory farming goes hand in hand with poor animal welfare and unsatisfactory conditions. Animal cruelty is abhorrent to them and they will not support it under any circumstance.

When you purchase their products, they can guarantee that every pack has been handmade in their own factory. They do not make products for other companies, and they do not have products made by other companies for them.

Proud to be the Best

Paleo Ridge are currently the most accredited Raw Dog Food manufacturer in the UK, we work tirelessly to implement and uphold standards that set us apart from the rest.
We have also been Voted Best Raw Dog Food in the UK as well as most trusted brand, most friendly to new customers and best food for large and small breed
We have sought and gained, independent globally recognised accreditation:

  • OF&G Organic approved
  • ISO 9001 approved
  • Ethical pet award approved
  • DEFRA approved (Defra licence no 15/103/8003/ABP/PTF)

No other raw dog food company holds the ISO 9001 accreditation. This is a globally recognised standard that focuses on quality management across every aspect of our business. We are independently audited against very strict standards. Audits are unannounced. This ensure we uphold the highest of standards, every day.

We are one of the only raw companies to hold Organic certification. This shows that we have implemented every process required to correctly source, store and process organic produce. We can also demonstrate where we have used our Organic produce, down to the last KG. Audits are unannounced, again ensuring we conform to the required standards, every single day.

Defra approval is mandatory for every raw dog food company in the UK. Defra visit infrequently and always announce their visits a few weeks in advance. Independent, unannounced audits are mandatory for these extra accreditations. This ensure we meet their very high standards, every single day. The standards laid down by DEFRA are very basic compared to our other accreditations.

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