Flex Sprinkle is a joint and mobility supplement for your dog. It’s just what you need if your dog is showing signs of stiffness, less mobility, and discomfort.Or, like many owners, you may just want to give your dog the best chance in life and decide to use a joint supplement to reduce the risk of future problems.

Natural Nutrients - The natural glycoaminoglycans (glucosamin, chondroitin, hyalauronic acid) in Green Lipped Mussel are superior to ordinary glucosamine and chondroitin found in other joint supplements.

They are in a more natural, complex and usable form that ensures better assimilation by your dogs digestion to nourish joint surfaces and sooth soreness. Green Lipped Mussel imroves cartilage function and encourages synovial joint fluid production for lubrication.

Quality- Flex Sprinkle contains the very highest quality New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel extract available. Grown sustainably in the pristine waters of Marlborough Sound. Each batch is independently tested and certified for its anti-inflammatory properties.

The formula contains Green Lipped Mussel extract, added vitamins C and E, added minerals Selenium and Zinc, and algae extracts from Spirulina and Seaweed for all the trace elements needed.

Why do Vets recommend Green Lipped Mussel extract for dogs?

The reason is because green-lipped mussel is increasingly being recognised as a natural maintenance for joint health and which at the same time provides long term nourishment. Joint and cartilage function is supported and the production of synovial joint fluid for lubrication is encouraged.

For hundreds of years the coastal Maoris of New Zealand have eaten Green Lipped Mussels as a major part of their diet. The Maoris would harvest the mussels growing naturally on the seashores and would eat them raw. Even though they saw the mussel as an important part of their diet, they did not realise the benefits they were gaining, until settlers in New Zealand later realised that these Maoris had far superior joint health compared to Westerners.

Veterinary surgeons often now promote the addition to the diet of green-lipped mussel as a means of long-term maintenance of joint health

Why do our dogs need joint supplements?

Dogs are a species whom we increasingly realise may need additional nutrients to maintain optimum joint and limb health; larger breeds even more so. The increasing use of dogs in sport and leisure activities such as Agility, Flyball, Cannicross, Dog Sledding and Field Sports is another factor that increases long term wear and tear on the joints.

How do you know if your dog is a likely candidate for joint supplementation and could use green lipped mussel extract for dogs? Perhaps you have simply noticed for yourself an uncharacteristic lack of enthusiasm for exercise, stiffness after rest, awkwardness mounting steps or jumping into the car. It really makes no difference if your aspirations were to shine in the breed ring, at obedience or agility or simply to enjoy a naturally active life-style with your pet - no doubt you will be looking around for the best way to keep him as comfortable as possible for as long as possible. Remember though that dogs do still need exercise, not so much as to cause an excess amount of wear and tear but sufficient to keep muscles toned so that they can work to support the joints

Does Green Lipped Mussel work in dogs?

All the active ingredients used in FLEX jointcare have been clinically proven to support dog joint health in numerous scientific studies. We do not add unproven ingredients just because someone else may offer them. All the ingredients in FLEX have been carefully selected, based on the results of research that prove their beneficial effects on the health of your dog's joints

Flex Sprinkle relieves discomfort in joints due to the renowned joint support properties of New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel. Ordinary joint supplements based on glucosamine and chondroitin do not have this property. Flex Sprinkle’s unique granular formula delivers more high quality Green Lipped Mussel to your dog each day than any other brand. More than tablets and chews. More than powders and pellets.

Green Lipped Mussels from the pristine waters of New Zealand are the most concentrated and effective natural source of joint care nutrients on the planet.
Green Lipped Mussel is well known and widely thought of as the most potent natural anti-inflammatory for joints.

It can therefore reduce inflammation, speed healing and reduce the discomfort suffered by your dog.

Flex Sprinkle is a concentrated granule that is fed with your dog’s normal food.

Each pot of Sprinkle contains a scoop that will measure 1300mg of granules, or if you prefer you can use a level small teaspoon instead of the measure, the amount isn’t too critical. There are 38 scoops in the 50 gm pot and 192 scoops in the 250gm tub

Feeding Guide

Flex Sprinkle is highly concentrated, with absolutely no un-necessary fillers, so the amount you use is quite small - unlike many other brands. Simply sprinkle the amount required onto your dog’s food once a day, or in two halves if you prefer. The flavour of Flex Sprinkle is fairly neutral and most dogs won’t notice it’s there. Some owners find it helps to moisten dry food.

Because Flex Sprinkle is so concentrated and has such a high level of green lipped mussel, those owners who feel they only need to feed a maintenance amount can reduce the amount they feed by a half (eg quarter scoop/half scoop

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Flex Sprinkle - Joint & Mobility

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